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Hi Brown, Good Bi


to be brown and bi here

is to be contradiction

to be anomaly

they call me off-white





they don’t call me asian

they call me straight

no way you’re into girls,

you’re pretending

‘cus queer is trending—

brown and bi

i do all the passing


i’m gonna start charing $5 anytime someone

wants to know my ethnicity or my sexuality

men be like

what are you, baby?

talking about my skin,

my caramel mocha swirl double frappacino kinda skin

thailand? yeah, i knew you were something foreign

what do you mean your ex-girlfriend?

oh, i get it. you’re curious, huh? experimenting

haven’t picked a side yet

let me show you why this one’s best


boy - bi 

as in



as in

the binary doesn’t have room

for my kind of rainbow 

too brown to be white

too white to be brown

too straight for the lesbians

and too gay for the fuckboys

too both to be in your binary


fuck your binary

i want to bend your binary till it breaks

like stale bread

has to be sewn back together

with new thread

new name


call it spectrum

call me wave

call me lightwave


call me sun rays

call me visible


except that my white isn't a wave

she’s half straight



is welcome everywhere


is welcome nowhere


is sorry for this poem, 

for taking up so much space


most days, i hate my straight white

my straight white who most days

wishes she was just straight and white

and most days

she can pass

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