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meet tarik.

Tarik Bartel (they/them) is a trans and non-binary Thai-American artist based in Providence, RI. Tarik is a photographer, an award-winning filmmaker, and a spoken word poet. Tarik has worked as an arts educator, a youth worker, and a community organizer in the Greater Boston area since 2014. 


Tarik is passionate about: making art more accessible, letting young people do things, and the color yellow. They are an advocate for educational equity, and equipping youth with tools that will allow them to thrive and hold power in their communities. Tarik co-founded Boston-based art collective ANGRY ASIAN GIRLS in 2016. This collaborative project introduced them to radical liberation practices within youth-centered community work, and planted the seeds for all to come. 

Tarik's lifework is informed by the belief that art centered in community can leverage social change and connect us more deeply to one another. To book Tarik for consultations, speaking engagements, or photography work, email them at



Photography by Ally Schmaling, whose work you can see more of here.

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