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We heard one time that if you take the safety off of a white lighter,

it won’t be unlucky anymore.


And as your

car key


metal safety

I realized

that this has always been our talent, hasn’t it?


seeing how high we can go,

how high we can get

we never seem to

realize our backs are pressed against the sky

until we’re cold,

with sweat

drowning in city light

there was no moon that night

but in humanity’s cry

you picked insanity

from your teeth


we, a five month chuckle, are done now

burning away like sore throats

our love 

burned slowly

it was cherried

we only needed that one light

which is good

because neither of us

ever had a match


and at summer’s gun 

our love

baked in the sun

until it was done


now I see you only in the clouds

pumped by my lungs

but that has always

been your talent,

hasn’t it?

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