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lifestyle photography


I started teaching myself photography when I started traveling for various research projects. The camera became a way to start conversations, to capture strangers candidly and interview them for documentary work. Lifestyle photography for me today looks more like event photography, or any opportunity to capture the magnificence in the mundane. Feel free to reach out for inquiries if you need something documented in a creative and authentic way at


Shot in Havana, Trinidad, and Viñales, "Sliding Scale" is a collection of portraits intended to promote the documentary, Afro Cuba Libre, filmed in May 2016. The portraits echo the words of African Studies scholar Dr. John Thornton, who stresses that mediations of race in Cuba are more complex than in the United States. Rather than issues being portrayed through a lens of black and white, race in Cuba is based on more of a "sliding scale," according to Thornton. The documentary can be accessed via the videography tab above.

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