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Print article in Your Magazine, Vol. 6 Issue 2: November 2016. Digital access available on Issuu. 

Boston Chinatown fights for its future

Chinatown has long been Boston’s thriving immigrant enclave, attracting tourists and locals alike with lantern festivals, sidewalk markets, and authentic dim sum. But as affordable housing units are replaced by luxury high-rise buildings, some residents wonder whether the neighborhood will be able to survive.

The Politics of Dank Memes: Social Media and the Presidential Race

It’s eye-catching. It’s effective. It’s wildly under-researched and fervently over-hyped. It’s Bernie Sanders' Dank Meme Stash—a Facebook group with 441,000 members and counting that reflects the current state of the presidential primaries for the millennial generation of voters: surprisingly creative and injuriously divisive.

14 reasons why Buzzfeed is polluting journalism

The big issue with websites like BuzzFeed, Elite Daily and The Huffington Post is that the majority of their posts are nothing but oversimplified, scroll-friendly lists—something known to our generation as the “listicle.” Anyone who doesn’t still have dial-up internet knows what I’m talking about. 

State of the Race: For Sanders, it's not over until it's over

Many have already called the 2016 presidential nominations, predicting the election will prove to be a matchup between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. But recent events suggest that the race may not be over yet—for either party.

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